Zulu: City Of Violence – **

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Action, Cop Movie, Crime/Detective, Drama, France, South Africa, XX

Zulu is a bit of a bad title really, that’s why it was also released as City Of Violence in some countries and Cape Town Cops in others. It never got a release in the UK or the USA, maybe because they couldn’t market it properly. It has Orlando Bloom though and Forest Whitaker who do a great job, even speaking Afrikaans at some point. But it’s directed by a French guy and only got a big release in France.

It’s really not such a bad movie at all, but it just doesn’t feel right. It kind of shows Cape Town from the perspective of outsiders and it tries to fit in too much information in too short a movie. This could have been a great miniseries. Think of crime thrillers like The Killing for instance or True Detective. But now it feels like a superficially directed and written pilot of a crime series.

The main story deals about two cops who want to solve a series of mysterious events after a mutilated body of a pretty young girl was found. But it also involves the disappearing of township children, druglords getting all aggressive against the police at the beach, corruption within the force, former apartheid governments trying to implement new ways of getting rid of the ‘inferior’ black population. It shows Blooms character as a drunk and irresponsible divorced dad. It shows Whitaker as a troubled celibate with subdued trauma’s from the past. Interesting stuff, but not well executed.

But again, maybe one day this becomes a great tv show.


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