The Trip – *

Posted: March 7, 2015 in 2010, Comedy, Dramedy, UK, X

British comedian Steeve Coogan plays a fictitious version of himself in this comical mockumentary. There isn’t really a plot, apart from the fact that he goes on a culinary review road trip to the northern part of Britain with his colleague Rob Brydon. This leads to an endless series of pointless – often boring – conversations that are only interesting if you know the characters and their humor.

It’s tiring to watch the discussions between these two men. Coogan plays an arrogant, egoist and narcissistic version of himself. Brydon gives impressions of actors like Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Woody Allen, etc… almost 90 percent of the time. Both are incredibly annoying.

Okay, there are some funny moments, it’s very recognizable to a certain extent and the food looks excellent and delicious. It’s probably great to be with them on a real trip. They probably had an excellent time filming this, improvising almost all the scenes. But as a viewer you want more. You want to like the characters, you want to indulge in their chatter, you want to feel part of the adventure. And there’s nothing of that in this movie.

What a waste of time.


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