Homeland Season 3 – **

Posted: March 12, 2015 in 2013, Action, Political, Spionage, Terrorist, Thriller, UK, War, XX

It’s okay, but somehow all very far-fetched.

After the bombing of the CIA building, killing more than 200 people, an alleged war hero turned terrorist (Nicholas Brody) escapes with the help of Carrie Mathison (a bipolar CIA-expert and the central character of this series) to Canada. Of course, Brody is innocent because at the time of the attack he was having sex with Carrie.

Changes are very small that you start watching season 3 without having seen the previous two. It’s pretty logic to continue watching as you do want to know how the story goes on. But this time it isn’t all too captivating. It just starts too negatively. Brody escapes to Venezuela and gets addicted to heroin. Carrie is admitted to a psychiatric institution and happens to be pregnant as well. Dana Brody attempts to kill herself. Saul is a temporary director of the CIA, and seems to give up Brody and Carrie’s innocence to make the CIA look better. And suddenly it’s all about Iran.

It’s fascinating how the acting skills of Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are praised so often. They really suck. In every single scene there is just too much drama. It gets annoying. But ‘newcomer’ Shaun Toub is excellent as Majid Javadi, the number 2 of the country’s Revolutionary Guard. He’s really the only reason why it’s still fun watching this show. He has that ability to make someone evil look charming, like Christopher Waltz has as well.

Unlike the final of season 2, the last episode of season 3 does not make you long to continue watching.

Too bad.


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