An Ideal Husband – **

Posted: March 23, 2015 in 1999, Comedy, Dramedy, UK, XX

Relatively unknown Jeremy Northam is remarkable as a Government Minister in Oscar Wilde’s England of the belle epoque. Together with his charming and intelligent wife (great performance by Cate Blanchett), he enjoys an undisputable reputation. Until an old acquaintance shows up (an excellent Julianne Moore) who blackmails him into changing his view in a matter that will be discussed in Parliament. She has some damaging information about his past that could ruin him. Enters a surprisingly good Rupert Everett as the minister’s best friend and the acquaintance’s ex fiancé. Maybe he can save the day.

It’s always hard to bring a stage play to the big screen, but with a great cast like this and an excellent cinematographer, costume & set designer you can pull it off. However, the story itself is very light and not memorable. It’s a fun 90 minutes watch. Nothing more, nothing less. But by the time the end credits roll, you’ve already forgotten what you just watched.

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