Suite Francaise – *(*)

Posted: April 14, 2015 in 2015, Belgium, France, Romance, UK, War, X1/2

The setting of Suite Francaise is interesting: a small village in occupied France anno 1944. The Germans take over control and need to find lodgings for their officers. They are not going to sleep in the houses of the poor laborers and farmers, but choose the big mansions of their landowners, who in return lose all their power and prestige.

Kristin Scott Thomas’s Madame Angellier is one of those stuck up bourgeois who ‘welcomes’ German officer Bruno von Falk into her house. Her son is missing in action and she hates the arrival of these nazis who probably killed her son. Her daughter in law however is less hateful, especially when she hears the officer play the piano.

The story has great potential, but the director and producers decided to make it into an incredibly boring love story without passion, without playful humor, without lust, with a lot of stereotypical characterization and without any linguistic logic at all.

Either you have everyone speak English without accents, or you have everyone speak English with an accent or you have every character speak its own language! Some of the French and German characters speak with an accent; others don’t.

It’s well made and it will attract and audience, but it’s not Lust/Caution.


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