Top Five – *(*)

Posted: May 14, 2015 in 2014, Comedy, romcom, USA, X1/2

Andre Allen is a former stand up comedian who has lost his love for comedy. His silly blockbuster trilogy (about a cop dressed like a bear) may be successful with the audience, but brings out the worst in the movie critic of the New York Times. That same newspaper sends a female reporter to follow the comedian during an important weekend in his life. He is releasing his first ‘serious’ movie about the uprise in Haiti (which is a flop in the waiting) and he’s about to get married to a reality tv star, who seems more bothered with pleasing the tv network than her future husband. Of course the two bond !

Not sure why this movie got such rave reviews. It’s not half as funny as it wants to be. There are some clever jokes (the password for the cell phone) and some hilariously absurd WTF scenes (DMX singing in prison), but a lot of the story is vulgar; cheap and redundant. The story is predictable and the ‘acting’ feels more like improv. Chris Rock must be able to do better creating his own version of a Richard Linklater-like chance encounter story.


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