Trinta – *

Posted: May 15, 2015 in 2014, biopic, Brasil, Drama, LGBT themed, X

It looks promising: a biopic about an important innovator of the Carnaval Parade in Rio, made in Brazil by Brazilians. Born in the north of the country, he moves to Rio where his uncle found him a good office job. He quits and joins the ballet and comes out of the closet, much to the disgrace of his relatives back home. Dancer, costume designer, choreographer, director: he does it all and brings his experience to the samba schools for their annual carnival parade, a macho world where they look down on fags and the ballet…

Sounds great, but this time around you’d which that Baz Luhrmann would have helmed it and Leonardo would star! Time for a remake Baz!

Just like Leoasinho Trinta had trouble finding money for the creation of his first Sambadrome parade, the producers of this biopic had to do with a very low-budget. Everything looks cheap. The editing is horrible, the acting is poor, the set design and the cinematography are uninspiring.

Now, for a movie about the guy who brought drama, glitter and passion to the samba school parades this is painful. You want drama, glitter and passion all over the screen. In as many colors as possible and with music pumping loud out of the speakers.

Again, Baz Luhrmann what are you waiting for ?????

Disappointing !


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