Mad Max: Fury Road – ***

Posted: May 31, 2015 in 2015, Action, Australia, Science Fiction, USA, XXX

Mad Max: Fury Road truly is an experience not to be missed. Sure, it’s an apocalyptic science fiction movie – not exactly something to look forward to –  with a simplistic escape story, little dialogue and a lot of sand dust, but more important: it’s a non stop action movie that never ever bores. There is that one second between a breeder and a war boy where you think ‘oh no, they are not going to add romance!’, but by the thought of ‘romance’ you’re already absorbed into another great action sequence.

The action is impeccable and original. Some army generals should consult George Miller for some new attack strategies. The directing by Miller is excellent. The cinematography and editing as well. Even the soundtrack is a blast. Literally. Escorting the attack, a war vehicle is composed of young slaves beating drums and a guitarist playing heavy riffs in front of it. There’s one scene in which that vehicle is attacked, that makes you want to watch this movie in 3D. In fact, maybe this movie is worth the extra cost for the 3D experience. The whole movie looks like a long Slipknot videoclip.

If you have no idea what breeders and war boys look like, just check the trailer to get an impression. The blockbuster has little to do with the trilogy from the early 80’s with Mel Gibson. In fact, the main character isn’t so much Mad Max (Tom Hardy) but Furiosa (Charlize Theron). She’s liberating a few women from an evil lord who controls the water in a desert landscape and tries to get them to her oasis birthplace. The acting and the story lines are minimal, so don’t expect anything amazing there, but if you want non stop action without boring character development scenes or unfunny comical breaks, than this is the best you’ll get!

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