A Little Chaos

Posted: June 7, 2015 in 2015, Costume Drama, Drama, Historical, UK

Ten reasons why I did not finish this okay movie:
– It is about gardening. Yawn.
– Kate Wynslet isn’t as impressive as she used to be and seems totally not interested in playing this part
– Matthias Schoenaerts also doesn’t seem to enjoy his role as Le Nôtre. Maybe it’s because of the long hair he is wearing and the fact that his character pretty much is a loser…
– Alan Rickman is a very lousy Louis XIV. He makes him human, which he wasn’t. He was the Sun King, not the down to earth king…
– the score sounds terrible
– the story is set at Versailles, but everyone speaks posh English… No no no no !
– the dialogue is so theatrical that it may sound good on paper and on stage, but not on the screen
– It is not filmed at Versailles, or at least not entirely… It could be any garden anywhere (in England)
– Kate Wynslet works in the garden and never gets dirty, then takes a bath in a period of time when not even the king dared to wash himself !!!
– There is zero chemistry between the two leads, which kind of sucks for a romantic drama

But then again, I was very tired. So maybe one day – on a plane or so – I’ll see how it ends


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