Manos Sucias – **(*)

Posted: June 14, 2015 in 2015, Columbia, Crime/Detective, Drama, Thriller, USA, XX

The billboard poster draws your attention. An impressive blatino fisherman sits in a boat and looks you stern in the eyes while floating down a jungle river. The synopsis in the cinema brochure intrigues even more. Two brothers accept a drug smuggling job off the Caribbean coast of Columbia. If that doesn’t make you buy the ticket yet, then watching the trailer will.

And then the journey to unknown territory starts. Have you ever seen black Columbians star in a well produced movie feature? Have you ever learned about the drug smuggling tactics along the coastal borders? Have you ever watched a motor chase on a deserted railroad in the jungle? Then this is for you!

Sure, it’s a debut movie and not all is great. The acting is done by non-professionals which in the case of Jarlin Javier Martinez is amazing, but kind of sucks when others appear on screen. The dialogue (about guns, racism and soccer) gets annoying quite easily. The abrupt end is okay, but abrupt. However, there’s more to admire than to dislike. It’s all inspired by other movie classics from the past, but mixed in an original new setting.

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