St Vincent – **(*)

Posted: July 2, 2015 in 2014, Dramedy, USA, XX1/2

Reboots aren’t only for action movies like Spiderman, but apparently also for indie flics. This St Vincent is About A Boy set in the US. It works though.

Bill Murray is excellent as the titular character Vincent, a grumpy Vietnam veteran who gave up on a life after his wife was admitted to an expensive palliative care center. He drinks, he gambles, he sees a pregnant prostitute from time to time and doesn’t care about anything at all.

When the teenager son of his new single mom neighbor is locked out of his house, he suggest babysitting the kid for money. And of course, soon, there’s an improbable bond. With its ups and downs.

A lot happens in the movie, which makes it worth the watch. It’s not just about an older man and a younger kid connecting. It’s about a regular man who’s been hit with tragedies and still lives on…

The storytelling and script are great. The acting is good. Even by Naomi Watts who is very convincing as an eastern european prostitute. And Melissa McCarthy shows that she can do more than just be the fat joke.

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