True Detective – ***(*)

Posted: July 10, 2015 in 2014, Crime/Detective, Thriller, TV series, USA, XXX1/2

Two detectives get interviewed separately about a case they both worked on in 1995. A similar crime has occurred and digging up details from the past may be helpful for the investigation. The interviews feel more like interrogations. And it’s clear that both subjects have given a twist to the real version of the events taking place back then. Plus nobody really knows what happened seven years later that was so damaging that each went their own way and never spoke again.

You really do not need to know more.

I didn’t and absolutely loved the first seven episodes of this unique detective thriller.  Too bad the final episode kind of ruins the whole experience.

However; the atmosphere is eery and fascinating. The storytelling is clever and intriguing. The characters shown are multilayered. The suspense is minimal, but efficient. There is not too much gore or violence. And the soundtrack is old-fasthionedly fresh. It’s slow with little action, but captivating from start to finish.

If you take out the pseudo philosophical monologues from one of the detective and the totally irrelevant last episode, you have the perfect miniseries.

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