Praia Do Futuro – ** / short: O Melhor Amigo – **

Posted: September 6, 2015 in 2014, Brasil, Drama, Germany, LGBT themed, XX

A Brazilian lifeguard fails to save the life of a German biker tourist who went swimming near the treacherous Futuro beach (in Fortaleza). For some inexplicable reason (probably just ‘life’ and ‘cinematic drama’) the lifeguard falls for the surviving travel buddy of the victim. They have sex, then hang out a bit and a few months later they reunite in Berlin. A few years pass and the lifeguard’s abandoned little brother comes for a visit to the German capital.

So. yeah. That’s it really.

It’s slow. It’s boring. It doesn’t give any explanations. It’s a three part tale of a man during three important times of his life: falling in love – emigrating to another country – being confronted with his egoistic departure…

However, a day after watching the movie some scenes still linger. Wagner Moura is a really good actor. He makes the character intriguing, which is quite a feat. There’s this moment where he feels really happy in life and it shows. It’s such a simple scene (getting groceries) but it works. The revelation of this German-Brazilian drama is not the director or the cinematographer and definitely not the scriptwriters, but the young Jesuita Barbosa, who is mesmerizing as the young brother.

When a movie makes you think about how better it could have been if this or that were different, then it basically isn’t such a bad movie.


This Jesuita Barbosa is a young actor to watch out for. Check him out in this simple short movie. Conventional unrequited (gay) love story, but well filmed.

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