Inside Out – ***

Posted: September 18, 2015 in 2015, Animation, Comedy, USA, XXX

A young and happy 11y old girl moves from Minnesota to San Francisco and has trouble adjusting to the change. The story however is told from the perspective of five of her dominant feelings: joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust. That’s pretty clever, original and risqué! But it works.

Humans – even the youngest of the species – have a lot more feelings than the five mentioned above. But for cinematic purposes, focussing on these five is excellent. Kudos’ to the scriptwriters who manage to explain difficult matter to a very wide audience. I’m sure children psychologists all over the world will now be using dolls representing the five ‘feeling’ characters of this movie. The movie also explains the working of the brain in an original way. Memories are stored in glass balls, some of which become core memories that create ‘islands’ of important interest and others become obsolete and get disposed off after a while. It really makes a lot of sense.

Of all the senses Joy is the most predominant feeling. She’s voiced by the excellent Amy Poehler and is an incredibly annoying bossy character. She can’t stand Sadness (a purple droopy goth girl) becoming more important. She hates Sadness to the point that she actually bullies her. The other feelings just play second fiddle and that’s exactly how Joy (she could be a candidate for the Republican party) treats them. Luckily, the script writers add enough proof that Joy really isn’t the most important feeling at all.

The movie is very unique and very clever. It also has a lot of humorous references that only adults will understand, a trademark of the Pixar movies. But this time around the company tried too much to please the little children as well by adding all kinds of elements that kill the excellent atmosphere. And they made Joy an unintentionally unenjoyable character.

However. This is a great movie though. And it has the funniest 5 seconds of any animation movie. Ever. (near the end)


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