Beasts Of The Southern Wild – *

Posted: September 26, 2015 in 2012, Drama, USA, X

Sometimes it takes a while before you actually watch a movie that’s been so heavily hyped that you don’t really want to watch it.

Such is the case with Beasts Of The Southern Wild. It was only a success at film festivals and not that many people bothered to go watch it (either at the cinema theaters or at home). And right they were.

It’s not worth the watch, unless you want to boast about having it seen at a dull artsy fartsy party where everybody just loved the movie (without probably ever having seen it). Yes, it’s that kind of movie. There’s a great review about it that says it all and leave me not writing anything more about it.

It’s shocking to see that members of the academy would nominate a child actress (Quvenzhané Wallis) over experienced and much more talented senior actresses. Especially, since she’s just a child being a child in front of a camera. Her on screen father Dwight Henry is also a non professional actor, but at least he acts.

And yes, it does look nice and poetic. And the fantasy element is a great asset. But it makes you want to re-watch something like San Andreas and appreciate it even more.


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