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Jurassic World – **

Posted: September 3, 2015 in 2015, Action, Adventure, USA, XX

Sometimes the brain needs to relax a bit and go with the flow. And that’s why producers make blockbuster fare like Jurassic World. It’s an enjoyable reboot with a lot of references to the original movie from 1993. It’s a bit camp and it does not take itself too seriously. It’s made for global success (with international movie stars from all over the world appearing as extras) and has action and special effects galore. There’s zero suspense though and zero depth. But it has dinosaurs!

Louane Emera was finalist in the French version of The Voice. Her personality and singing talents convinced director Eric Lartigau to cast her for his new dramedy as a young adolescent with a great voice who grows up in a farm with her family, all of whom are mute and deaf. She ended up winning a César for most promising actress, this movie became a local box office hit and it helped boost her album sales.

So, this is the movie with Louane. She is in almost every single scene. She’s so omnipresent that you’ll never forget her. Ever. Even if you want to. She’s really not so talented and convincing as the press wants you to believe. She’s just very natural and she does seem to have a great personality. But she is not acting. She’s just being a character. Maybe she’s just being herself.

The movie is made with a low budget. It feels like attention to details and retakes were a big no-no. Especially the first half looks like it was made in one week. The deaf community in France remains upset about the sloppiness of the use of sign language. If you don’t know French sign language then there’s no issue, but you will probably wonder if that is really how deaf people communicate. The director decided to use known actors as the parents. They seem to be waving around their hands a lot. It adds to the comic relief, but looks awkward.

But somewhere halfway through the movie it starts to be really enjoyable. Sure it’s all predictable and the jokes are often lame, but when the drama sets in it’s quite gripping. The movie contains one of the best movie scenes of the year, when the deaf parents attend a public singing performance of their daughter. And when Louane sings her Michel Sardou cover ‘Je Vole’ at the end, it leaves you pleased to have watched the movie.

The French newspaper Le Figaro explained the success of the movie in a very interesting way. The more multilayered the French society becomes, the more they need to come to terms with all the differences without clinging onto the past too much or without letting it go entirely. The parents in the movie need to accept that their daughter is different (she can hear and speak and sing!) and that she needs to live her own life. But the daughter can’t just break with her past and needs to embrace it (literrally). So moral of the story: live your life but don’t forget who gave it.

if you can read Dutch, read this take on the movie’s success: