Im Labyrinth Des Schweigens – ***

Posted: November 1, 2015 in 2014, Drama, Germany, Historical, XXX

Germany in the fifties. A young lawyer gets approached to investigate if there are still war criminals walking around free in post nazi Germany. A whole generation is growing up not knowing what really happened during the reign of Adolf Hitler. The Nuremberg Trials were definite. Also for the Germans. At least that’s what everyone wants to believe. However; the deeper the lawyer digs, the more shocking information he discovers.

This intriguing German movie is very classical. It has al the elements that will make this a big contender for winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Language movie. The storytelling is captivating, the acting is very solid and it all just looks great as well. Plus it’s an important lesson in history.

Europeans often use the reference ‘Wir haben es nicht gewusst’ (we did not know) when joking about Germans. After the war the nation seemed to have had no idea what their Führer and his government was doing. It was a very easy way of forgetting about the past and moving on. Just pretend not to have known what happened in the concentration camps and believe that all the real criminals were gone (dead or hiding in South America). But that’s a situation that could not continue. And by the late fifties a whole generation needed to come to terms with their past. Hey, it took them another generation to really start to talk about it. And yet another generation to be able to even joke about it. (there’s a successful German satire about Hitler in theaters right now).

There’s a LOT of information in this movie. But it’s captivating and because of its linear, classical structure it’s easy to follow. It’s a must.


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