Looking – ***

Posted: November 1, 2015 in 2014, Dramedy, LGBT themed, USA, XXX

Patrick is a dotcom nerd who’s much better at designing video game characters than at dating. He’s not unattractive and he’s pretty confident, but he’s still trying to figure out what he wants. He hasn’t really been in a long relationship yet, nor has he led a promiscuous sex life either. He’s trapped in a life full of self-made restrictions and expectations.

Agustin is his roommate, an artist who’s almost the complete opposite. They’ve known each other for years and have covered each others back many times, but life changes and Agustin is ready to move in with his partner and settle down.

Dom is a waiter at a fancy restaurant and reaching 40. Sex isn’t an issue. He’s good-looking, popular and confident. But he’s at that time in his life where he may need to finally start realizing his dream of opening his own restaurant. And getting rid of troubles from the past.

All of them are gay. Which is one of the only reasons why you would want to watch this show. If they’d been straight, it would be one of the most boring shows ever.

It’s a good show. Yes, the stories are simple, but the characterization is efficient and the acting is flawless. It’s short (8 episodes of 30 minutes each); so you can’t really get bored. It’s just great to get soaked into the life of these three men.

There’s this one episode (Looking for the Future) which is excellent. After having spent the night with a guy he met on the public transportation, Patrick decides to spend the day getting to know this person a bit more. Again, it’s very simple, but the dialogue is real and intriguing and you get to see a San Francisco that is real as well. No cliché shots of Lombard street or the Painted Ladies at Alamo square.

It’s great dramedy. Extraordinary in being ordinary.



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