October Sky – *1/2

Posted: November 6, 2015 in 1999, biopic, Children/Family, Drama, USA, X1/2

This was on when I visited my parents today. My dad fell asleep, my mom left. And somehow i watched this until the very end. It’s made in 1999, but feels like it could have been made in the fifties (when the story actually takes place).

A miner’s son wants to be a rocket scientist, but hey he’s a miner’s son, so euh… dream on. Which he does. You already know in the beginning of the movie that this kid will succeed later in life. Why else would they make a movie about it? So there is ZERO suspense. And there’s little real drama either. And even less humor.

Jake Gyllenhaal was 18 when he made this movie, but he looks 12. He’s just a kid in a kid’s movie. Set in the fifties. Watch it if you really have nothing else to do. Or when you’re 12 or so and want to become a scientist.


hey, the entire movie is on YouTube

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