Het Diner (The Dinner) – *

Posted: November 20, 2015 in 2013, Drama, Netherlands, Thriller, X

Two kids (well, one kid and his passive nephew) beat up a homeless person blocking their way at an atm machine. The images are put online, but the aggressors can’t be recognized. There’s a video however that does show their faces and the adopted brother of the nephew threatens to put it online…

Two parents are eating dinner at a fancy restaurant. Paul and Serge are brothers, one a jobless passive aggressive history teacher and the other a ambitious political leader. Together with their wives they try to figure out how to deal with the vile crime of their sons.

The Dinner is a bestselling neo-classic in the Dutch literature. Also translated in other languages. The story takes place in a restaurant and the facts are told in flashback. The chapters are named after the meal courses.

The movie however is incredibly tedious. The story unfolds slowly and has no surprises. The characters are bland. There’s no drama, there’s no humor and there’s no suspense. It’s not an exceptional cinematic experience either, so all you are left with is the acting, which is solid, but not memorable.

Skip the movie and read the book.(maybe)


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