MDNA – (*)

Posted: December 1, 2015 in 1/2, 2013, Concert Movie, USA

After the surprisingly excellent Rebel Heart concert in Antwerp, it was time to finally watch the previous MDNA tour as well. On dvd.

What a waste of time.

The show itself doesn’t look as bad as feared. Maybe it was worth the ticket after all. The setlist isn’t all that great and the remixes of the hits are annoying. But Madonna puts on a big show. No doubt.

However, the bombastic live show is terrible for home viewing. Let’s kill the guy (or girl) who thought music concerts should be edited like video clips for their dvd release. It worked for Soulwax’s Part Of The Weekend, but it doesn’t work for this gig.

So, the dvd itself sucks. The constant switching between dancers, Madonna, her fans, the LED screen, the musicians is tiring for the eyes. Why not create a dvd where you can watch the show from different angles and can switch according to what you want to look at?

This collection of images (some are still, a lot are moving way too fast) conjures NO concert feel at all.

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