Amour – ***

Posted: December 2, 2015 in 2012, Disease of the week, Drama, France, Uncategorized, XXX

Heavy stuff, this ‘love tale’ about two highbrow eighty-somethings in Paris who face the biggest challenge of their long life together: taking care of one another in old age and disability.

Michael Haneke is a unique director. His movies disturb every single time. So, it’s not surprise that he even makes the viewers uncomfortable while watching two older people love each other. For better and for worse.

Emmanuelle Riva won several awards for her performance as a disabled octogenarian. And yes, she’s pretty powerful, lying there half paralyzed most of the time. But it’s Louis Trintignant who’s the real powerhouse here. His character is very intriguing and the performance is flawless.

The synopsis may not really make you want to watch the movie. It’s not nice to see two old people struggle. However, it’s very ‘entertaining’ in the sense that every single scene is well presented and necessary. Michael Haneke has a specific style that you either love or loathe, but at least he never bores.

Try it.


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