Brooklyn Nine Nine – ***

Posted: December 2, 2015 in 2013, 2014, Comedy, Parody, TV series, USA, XXX

Brooklyn Nine Nine has all the ingredients of a great comical sitcom: it has quirky characters that you start caring for immediately, the jokes are funny and the one-liners to the point. That’s basically all you need to be entertained for 22 episodes.

The fact that it’s set in a police department doesn’t matter. The fact that the main character is the best detective in town doesn’t matter. The fact that he’s childish, arrogant, rebellious, honest and good-hearted does.

Jake Peralta is a goofy personage. True. But the biggest jokes and funny situations come from his colleagues and supervisors. It’s very similar to Parks and Recreation and that’s a disadvantage because it feels like a copy rather than an original series. However, it’s a great feat to feel like a copy and excel in it as well. Plus, the comical acting is quite remarkable.

Just dump Hitchock and Scully. Their presence is only sporadically funny.


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