Le Tout Nouveau Testament (The Brand New Testament) – **(*)

Posted: December 5, 2015 in 2015, Belgium, Comedy, Fantasy, France, XX1/2

God exists and lives in Brussels. He’s a French-speaking asshole. He lives with his submissive wife and rebellious daughter in a dated apartment where he controls the world via a computer model popular in the early nineties. He’s responsible for all the evil and disasters in the world and only adds a bit of positive moments to give mankind false hope. His daughter is fed up with it all and decides to run away. To annoy her father, she sends out a message to everyone owning a cell phone in the world with their date of death and then erases everything on God’s computer. Her brother, JC (yes, Jesus Christ as a plaster model), tells her to write a new testament and find six more apostles. She steals the files of six random people and hooks up with a homeless man who will write down the new gospels. In the meantime the entire world is anticipating their own death, often changing their lives drastically.

The movie is as crazy as it sounds. But it works.

It’s funny. It’s weird. It’s an entertaining piece of magic realism.

His big budget philosophical fantasy science fiction flop Mr Nobody did serve a purpose after all. He mastered the skill of using digital techniques to create a unique atmosphere. What Mr Nobody lacked, Le Nouveau Testament has in abundance: humor! It’s dark and twisted at times (the scenes with God), but even more absurd and bizarre in all the other scenes. I mean, Catherine Deneuve is taking in a circus Gorilla to be her new lover!

watch the trailer and get curious





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