Dope – (*)

Posted: December 6, 2015 in 1/2, 2015, Dramedy, Social Drama, USA

Dope has a great trailer with an exciting premise: a geek and his friends end up with a bag full of drugs and decide to ‘sell’ it themselves.

Dope however, disappoints if you are not part of the target audience: American teenagers who think it’s cool to get mixed up in drug violence, who think it’s exciting to take MDMA, who laugh at scenes where women throw up in someone else’s face or pee on the street (all under the influence of drugs), who can relate to smart kids from the hood who get bullied by the jocks and the drug dealers from the block, who know how difficult it is to get to a good university, who think it makes sense to listen to cassettes in a walkman but then make it sound like buying a cd is so old-fashioned since everyone downloads music.

Dope just doesn’t make sense to a European 40year old.


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