Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – ***(*)

Posted: December 20, 2015 in 2015, Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, USA, XXX1/2

Surprise Surprise

The new Star Wars episode is the best movie of the year so far!

Until a few hours ago, that title went to either Inside Out or Mad Max. A tough choice, but no longer necessary.

Just go see The Force Awakens. Read nothing about it. Don’t let spoilers kill the nostalgic fun you’ll have. Be surprised to see old faces, be charmed by new characters, cherish the mild humor and enjoy this excellently produced reboot.

There are only a few minor points of critique, but they are not really worth mentioning. The story is familiar and even predictable, but somehow this a positive remark. Sometimes we don’t want too many things to change and we don’t need many surprises at all.

This is 135 minutes of nostalgic fun.

Suprise Suprise


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