Safety First Season 1 and 2 – *

Posted: December 24, 2015 in 2013, 2014, Comedy, Flanders, TV series, X

Watching the tv series after having seen the movie doesn’t really make sense, but it helps in understanding why the feature film is such a success.

There’s only 16 episodes of this comical slapstick sitcom about four friends and colleagues who work as a safety team. They are probably the worst safety expert team in the world and that’s their charm. Their motto is: “discipline, dedication, friendship… but safety first”, which they repeat after every briefing at the beginning of every episode. They are a bunch of losers who never manage to get a contract for a repeat assignment as all of their endeavors fail.

The humor is silly and the storylines are repetitive. But it works. For young children maybe. And adults who after a hard day’s work do not want to think anymore. Its ‘funny’ scenes are vintage slapstick (there’s a lot of falling, tripping, stumbling, breaking, getting physically hurt), but there is also a subtle play of words as well. It’s similar to mockumentaries like The Office, but it has a much bigger Mr. Bean feel.

Every episode is set in another environment which is a good thing and there’s great use of eighties classics (excellent soundtrack!). But it somehow gets annoying to watch people be complete losers.

if you are not Flemish and you want to have an idea: this is the ‘promo clip’ of the Safety First team, a parody of the 80s classic We Are The World

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