Still Alice – **

Posted: December 24, 2015 in 2014, Disease of the week, Drama, USA, XX

Thanks to the great acting by Julianne Moore (who won an Oscar for this part) and the underrated Alec Baldwin and Kirsten Stewart, this melodrama keeps you ‘entertained’ until the end and is worth the watch. If it were made with C-list actors, it most likely would never have had the same buzz. It would have been just another disease of the week television drama.

Moore is Alice, a smart linguistic docent at Columbia University who discovers that she’s having a rare variation of the Alzheimers disease. She tries to delay the total destruction by coming up with techniques to train her memory, just like she would try to teach young children to use a language.

It’s not a bad movie at all. It’s just not a touching movie. Especially if you have experience with Alzheimer patients. It may be good as an introduction for those who know nothing about the disease. But the story never captivates. In particular because it’s way too positive. This is one of the shittiest diseases you can ever have and it’s not pleasant at all. Not for the patient (who, well, forgets about it fast) and definitely not for those around the patient. A movie focussing on the frustration of those around an Alzheimer patient would have been more interesting. Now everyone just seems way too cool about the condition of their loved one.

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