Stromae Live – ***(*)

Posted: December 24, 2015 in 2015, Belgium, Concert Movie, XXX1/2

Why would you buy the dvd if the artist himself posted his concert for free on youtube?

Because, well, just because.

Stromae is by far the most exciting artist of the moment. His second album Racine Carrée sold almost three million copies all over the world and the accompanying tour had more than 200 stops in not only his native Brussels, but also every major town in France, all the major festivals in Europe, music temples like Madison Square Garden and exotic places like Kigali.

His success is attributed to his uniqueness and professionalism. He brings something new: a mix of world music, dance, pop and chanson. He unites. He combines easy tunes with serious lyrics. He’s poetic, theatrical and honest. He performs! He entertains. He makes you dance and think. At the same time.

The live dvd was released a few days ago and also put online. It’s a great musical experience. The direction makes you feel like you are part of the show. No hectic editing. The images allow you to enjoy the concert as if you’d watch it. No unnecessary switching between he crowd, the artist and the musicians. Just the stage.  The production itself is awesome.The songs, the set design, the costumes, the performance… it’s all top notch.

It helps if you know the songs and if you understand French, but the dvd has English subtitles. Too bad it doesn’t include French subtitles, because it would help people who are learning French (and it would also be great for a Karaoke moment at home). And too bad the dvd doesn’t include a behind the scenes documentary.


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