Timbuktu – ***

Posted: December 28, 2015 in 2014, Drama, France, Mauretania, War, XXX

Nobody expected a Mauritanian movie about the jihadist conquest of a Mali village to win 7 Césars (the French equivalent of the Oscars). After all, it’s a movie in Touareg and Arabic, set in the Sahara dessert and focussing on a topic that may be very relevant, but not exactly attractive.

Of course it’s a hyped movie, but it does live up to its reputation.

It’s a collection of great scenes. Some very poetic, some very cinematographic, some very harsh and all beautifully shot. It does give you an insight in what’s going on in Mali, but it’s still fiction. It’s a collection of impressions and isn’t annoyingly educational or overly opinionated. Of course, the jihadists in the movie are the ‘bad guys’ and the moderate tuaregs and blacks are the ‘good guys’. But that’s to be expected.

No, you want to watch it to be indulged in a different world filmed in a very poetic way. The soccer scene without a football is magical.



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