The Big Short – **

Posted: January 2, 2016 in 2015, Drama, Thriller, USA, XX

Well acted and well directed with an interesting soundtrack and several refreshingly creative elements, The Big Short leaves you speechless for a while after the end credits roll. Not out of awe, but out of tiredness. Watching this movie is like going to school all over again. The amount of specific, little known terminology is overwhelming.

If you have zero interest in the stock market, never read the financial chapters in the newspapers, switch to other tv channels as soon as the news anchor start talking money and business, are unaware that Americans live on credit…  then THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR YOU! Despite the good acting, great direction, entertaining soundtrack and all the unique scenes.

Credit must be given to the makers for a) translating this non cinematic story to the big screen and b) telling it in such a way that nobody leaves the theatre, which is a great feat. That said, most people in the room probably had seen the trailer or had read a review and knew what they were expecting. But, if you just want to buy the ticket because the movie has a stellar cast, think again.

Capitalism isn’t dead yet. And you still have a lot of stupid people walking around, ready to fall into the traps of the bankers. So, nothing has changed and this movie won’t change anything either.


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