The Martian – **

Posted: January 5, 2016 in 2015, Drama, Science Fiction, USA, XX

Decided to attend the last screening of The Martian at the local cinema. It’s a science fiction epos after all. Not really the kind of movie you want to watch at home or on a laptop.

The reason why it took so long is simple: it’s a science fiction epos about a guy who needs to survive on Mars for a LONG period of time. Alone. With no natural resources. And the producers want the audience to believe this is something that could actually happen in the (near) future. It’s not really an appealing synopsis.

In the beginning, it feels quite realistic that Nasa has a base on Mars. It kind of makes sense that a commander decides to abort the mission when an unknown storm hits their research area. And, though highly improbably, there’s a change that an astronaut might end up alone on the red planet. But after half an hour all logic goes away when this survivor keeps on surviving just for the sake of a great cinematic experience.

If you can turn off that mental switch and accept this unrealistic storyline, than you’re in for an entertaining drama with thrilling elements and some humor. If you can’t then all the scientific bullshit uttered to make it more authentic just annoys the hell out of the experience.

It’s difficult if you can’t find that switch. Luckily there’s Matt Damon, whose performance is worth the watch.


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