De Bunker **(*)

Posted: January 7, 2016 in 2015, Action, Crime/Detective, Flanders, Spionage, Thriller, TV series, XX1/2

Far from being perfect, this Flemish series about home security does what a tv series should do: entertain (and thrill).

Even though the world may not believe it (the recent escape of terrorist Salah Abdeslam kind of makes us look silly), but Belgium does have a national security agency! With a cell in Antwerp, existing of four members only, who operate from a bunker (hence the title).

The series focuses on a different threat in each episode, but also has a bigger story including a mole in the agency who informs an important criminal, who seems as difficult to catch as our aforementioned Abdeslam. It’s not Homeland of course. One scene of that award winning show probably costs as much as an entire episode of this local version. But this lower budget isn’t a problem at all. The action and excitement are filmed very efficiently by some locally known Flemish directors. The acting is quite good, especially since the main characters are performed by lesser known actors and the celebrities just play supporting parts or occur in one episode only. Eline Kuppens is a revelation, but Sachli Gholamalizad is the real surprise. It’s pretty cool of the producers to have chosen a Flemish actor with an immigrant background as its lead.

It would be interesting to see if this show can work outside of Flanders and The Netherlands (where it will be shown later on). It’s flawed, for sure, but it’s worth the watch. Just wait until episode 3 to really get into it.

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