En La Gama De Los Grises (In The Grayscale) – *(*)

Posted: January 11, 2016 in 2015, Chile, Drama, LGBT themed, X1/2

Bruno is a confused thirty-something architect who leaves his wife and their son for a shabby room in his grandfather’s house. There’s a few things he needs to think about and he needs to be alone. He accepts a new work assignment, but isn’t inspired at all. The company provides him with a tour guide who brings him to all kinds of spots in the city and bam, there’s chemistry and more confusion.

En La Gama De Los Grises is yet another movie about someone who struggles with his homosexuality. Yes. sigh. Another one. sigh.  This seems like a never ending topic for movie makers all over the world. The only interesting thing about this one is that it’s made in Chile and the two main characters bike around a lot in the capital. It makes you look up how much the Iberia tickets to Santiago are, rather than keeping focused on the story. (840 euro in case you wonder)

Please, lgbt movie makers all over the world, lighten up!  Gay people struggling with their sexuality is só 20th Century.



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