Tangerine – **

Posted: January 25, 2016 in 2015, Dramedy, LGBT themed, USA, XX

It’s easy to understand why critics loved this movie. Imagine sitting through 4 movies a day at a festival and it’s all drama drama drama. Then this low budget dramedy comes by which looks very colorful (the title refers to the glare of the Los Angeles sky), has some funny moments and takes you to a place you’ve never been to (or wanted to go to).

It’s also easy to understand why this didn’t get any Oscar nomination. There’s a lot of press talk about a missed opportunity to give Mya Taylor a supporting actor/actress nod. Because he/she is black, but also because he/she is a transgender. But that’s the problem really. Technically Mya is still a male, no matter how much she wants to live as a woman.

Regardless of that, the acting isn’t really all that good. Sure, Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez intrigue as two transgender prostitutes. Especially the latter is fascinating as Sin-Dee Rella, a sassy latina who just got out of prison and learns her boyfriend/pimp has been cheating on her with a real woman (called a ‘fish’). She’s fierce! But a bit of research tells you that both performers lived the life as a prostitute. So, regardless of their talent to charm an audience, there doesn’t seem to be so much ‘acting’ going on. It all feels a bit like a reality tv show episode.

Filmed with an iPhone 5S apparently! Now that’s fascinating. Because it does look good. That tangerine filter doesn’t bore at all. The editing is terrible however. There’s a somewhat interesting subplot of an Armenian taxi driver on the look for transgender action, but it takes a while before the two storylines interact. Before that he picks up several passengers with each their own little story and they suck. It’s like they were added to make this a feature length movie. Well guess what. If this would have been a one hour movie, it would have gotten even more respect!





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