The Exorcist – *

Posted: January 26, 2016 in 1973, Horror, Uncategorized, USA, X

Maybe, if you saw this upon its release in 1973, you’d be in awe. It must have been quite original to see a child curse, swear, vomit and spin her head around plenty of times. But it’s 2016 and well, this doesn’t shock or scare anyone anymore. Scariest movie of all time? Scariest movie of 1973 maybe.

It has its merits though. The special effects stood the test of time. The atmosphere is eerie. There’s the unexpected docile scare sequences (a phone rings during a very quiet scene, a familiar face appears when you expect evil, … ) There’s interesting focus on the scientific proof for the behavior of the obsessed child.  But in the end, this movie is never scary, which is kind of the point of a scary movie. The editing is terrible. The story just jumps from some archeologist finding a strange medallion to a psychiatrist priest who abandons his aging mother to an actress whose teenage daughter starts complaining about her bed shaking. There’s just too much going on and it doesn’t make sense. It’s quite ironic that the ‘scariest movie of all time’ starts with muslims chanting ‘alluhah akbar’ and ends like that too. What’s the point of that? The whole northern Irak sequence presented as the root of evil is kind of disturbing. But the rest of the movie isn’t.

Sometimes classic movies lose their importance.

  1. sickodiary says:

    I have to disagree with you. As a horror fan I watched countless movies and I have a pretty high standard when it comes to horror, however this movie belongs to to my top 10. While the scenes may be random, but the atmosphere is scary as hell. I remember the exorcism scene where the room gets colder every second, I could feel the chill in my spine as with the movie characters. As for the random plot, I guess it’s the 70s style. The Omen shares the archeology things too.
    P/S: I like the background of your blog

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