Tarzan Escapes – *

Posted: January 27, 2016 in 1936, Adventure, Black & White, Uncategorized, USA

Tarzan Escapes is the third installment in the series with Johnny Weissmuller as the ape man. It’s a big disappointment and proof that sequels already lacked originality back in the thirties. Everything kind of looks and feels the same. It’s more of a remake than a sequel. The repetitiveness starts to annoy quite fast. In fact, this movie contains a scene that was already featured in the first installment. Honestly, in Tarzan the Apeman, Tarzan goes away to kill a wildebeest and gets into a fight with a lion. The exact same scene is shown in this movie as well.

The story focuses on family members of Jane who want to bring her back to England. They get escorted by an evil hunter who wants to captivate the legendary man ape and present him to a European crowd as a circus act. The journey is very similar to the one that the ivory hunters made in the first movie. Whites lead the way, blacks carry their bags and fall off cliffs or get eaten by wild animals, moving images of exotic animals are edited into the story and Maureen Sullivan is both dominant and girly as Jane.




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