The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – **(*)

Posted: January 27, 2016 in 2012, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, New Zealand, USA, XX1/2

Sixty years before the adventures of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, a younger Bilbo Baggins goes on an adventure himself. He’s asked to join a group of renegade dwarfs who need a hobbit to find the secret door to a magical mountain where they used to reign from and which has since been taken by a dragon.

Yes, it’s way too long. And yes it’s no longer original or refreshingly new. But apart from the fact that each scene seems to be stretched as long as possible (- there is repetition of dialogue, there are boring singing sequences and the camera zooms in and zooms out as if it’s a test to see if the zoom works – ), this all is quite entertaining.

Unfortunately, none of main characters die. They go on this dangerous and violent journey and never seem to die. This may be gentle to the younger crowd, but pretty unbelievable for the adults. Where’s the thrilling excitement in watching a battle of which you know most (if not all) will survive?

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