Sicario – **

Posted: February 27, 2016 in 2015, Cop Movie, Drama, USA, XX

“If you can convince the 20% of the American population not to buy drugs, then we wouldn’t have to do this” is an all to common line in movies about the war on drugs.

This time it’s coming from a special force unit leader (Josh Brolin) who addresses a bold and brave FBI-agent after an unorthodox operation near the Mexican border.

The FBI agent is played by Emily Hunt, who is excellent at being confused for about the entire movie. It’s not clear to her (and the audience) why she needs to team up with a former Mexican district attorney turned hitman (a great Javier Bardem).

It’s a negative movie with no humour and no hope, but it has its thrilling moments and the atmosphere is quite suspenseful. The scenes are long and well shot. The direction is great. The soundtrack efficient. The acting top notch. The story not so much.

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