The Intern – *

Posted: February 27, 2016 in 2015, Dramedy, USA, X

The only reason to watch this chic flick is for the performance of Robert De Niro, who hasn’t been this honestly charming in a long time. He’s really good at just being an average older widower who feels the need to work again and starts a senior internship in a modern e-commerce fashion company. Based in an old printing factory where he used to work for 40 years.

He’s assigned to assist the young boss, played by Anne Hathaway, who at first isn’t all too happy with the man because he is too observant. Of course he becomes her mentor and best friend and helps her in the difficult decisions she has to make as a successful businesswoman with a husband staying home to take care of the house and the child.

Somewhere in the movie De Niro says ’I don’t want to be the feminist here, but you should be proud of being a successful woman’. Somewhere else Hathaway states, after meeting a sexist CEO candidate, that she didn’t like him because he thought the online company was too much of a ’chick site’.

Well, Nancy Meyers, director of his non comical / non dramatic dramedy: this is 100% a chick flick. And that’s a bad thing. Is this how you portray successful business women? There is no way that this character is able to run a business with a staff of 200 the way she does. There is nothing believable about her. A successful business woman doesn’t have to be a bitch, but she needs to be confident and self assured and in control, none if which this Judy character is.

What a drag!

But De Niro is good.

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