Looking Season 2 – ***

Posted: February 28, 2016 in 2015, Drama, LGBT themed, USA, XXX

The first season of the HBO gay drama series was surprisingly good at being very ordinary. The second season is surprisingly good at being even more ordinary.

Apparently the show didn’t have that many viewers, so they cancelled it, which is sad, because this is great television and as real as American television shows can get. Maybe that’s the reason for its lack of commercial success. The stories are just too common, too normal, too trivial.

Whereas season 1 dealt with the issues of three characters, season 2 focuses on just one of them and the other two become complimentary. Other characters become more important though. Of the three buddies, Patrick is by far the most interesting one. Just because he’s so ordinary, curious but naive, fun but awkward, open for new adventures, but conservative in his risks. He’s your average gay Joe and that’s what makes him so special.

The season ends well. It’s a pretty open finale. Apparently they’ll make a movie to finish the story line, but that seems a bit absurd. They should either make a few more seasons and explore the characters more in depth. Or they shouldn’t film anything anymore. It’s nice to not know what will happen next. Everyone will want a different continuation of the story.



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