Spotlight – ***

Posted: March 16, 2016 in 2015, Drama, Social Drama, USA, XXX

It’s up for discussion whether Spotlight deserved the Academy Award for Best Motion Picture or not. It’s a great movie, no doubt about that, but not exceptionally memorable. It’s a bit like The Shawshank Redemption: a well told and acted gripping story that will leave no-one untouched. It’ll be hard to find someone who absolutely hated it. Unless maybe some officials of the Catholic Church.

Spotlight refers to a team of four indept news coverage journalists who delve into specific matters for a Boston newspaper. The new managing director wants them to focus on a legal case in which a priest is accused of pedophilia. Their research soon leads to several other cases of misconduct within the Boston area and much more…

The Catholic Church may disagree, but the movie is very factual and not biased at all. Never do you feel it’s a direct attack to the Catholic faith. It’s more critical about how moral leaders deal with immoral acts and about a whole community who kept silent for all these years. It’s not a shocking movie, nor is it a very emotional one. It’s just a great piece of storytelling and acting. It’s intriguing and well directed. It’s a must. So maybe it does deserve the Oscar.

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