Deadpool – **

Posted: March 19, 2016 in 2016, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, USA, XX

The first megablockbuster of the year is a disappointment. It really doesn’t live up to its hype at all. Yes, it’s pretty violent and absurdly funny, but it’s not remotely as extravagant as you hope it would be. It’s an r rated movie for the masses. It’s popcorn fare. It’s so ridiculously simple and over the top that even kids can enjoy it. Regardless of the profanity and the bullets through human skulls.

It’s a fun watch. Some scenes are pretty cool and some oneliners are right on. But the story sucks! And half of the jokes fail to make the audience laugh. At least over here. There are so many references to American culture from the present and the past (Spin Doctors) that just don’t translate well.

Maybe the sequel will be better

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