Orange Is The New Black – ***(*)

Posted: March 21, 2016 in 2013, Drama, Dramedy, LGBT themed, Social Drama, USA, XXX1/2

There’s a thin line between drama and comedy in Orange Is The New Black. That’s why it’s so difficult for the show to win big awards. Nobody at the Emmy’s or Golden Globes knows which category to nominate them in. And that’s sad. Because this show deserves awards. Plenty! First of all for the writers and second of all for the entire cast and some actresses in particular. (big shout out to Kate Mulgrew and Samira Wiley who don’t get awarded enough for their contribution!)

This thin line makes this series an absolute must. It’s unsettling at times, because even though it’s incredibly funny, it’s also very confronting . It’s not just a comedy take on prison life. It also shows the drama. The best part of the show are the characters and the performances of those who interpret them. Little by little you get to learn more about them. Every single one of them is intriguing. And just when you think that the producers only focus on the prisoners, you get interested in the guards and police staff as well.

The series is based on a biography of a young woman who ended up in prison for having transported drug money to Europe. She’s pretty and well educated, but also narcissistic and immature. And it’s the combination of both that brings her in trouble and makes her survive. Even though it’s highly fictionalized, it all feels realistic. Just when you think the producers trivialize prison life, they hit you with some reality facts.

But the most interesting part of this show is the fact that each and every character is fascinating to learn about. Every episode gives glimpses of the life of one inmate. No boring explanation. Just a few telling scenes. It’s very well done. It’s great as a viewer to feel intellectually respected. There’s a bit too much romance involved and the characters outside of the prison are boring, but all in all it’s a great show.

Time to bing watch season 2 and 3 now.

By the way: the trailer is very good. Since this site is called trailertherapy and never mentions anything about trailers, this time it’s worth to watch it.



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