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Attack The Block – *

Posted: April 10, 2016 in 2011, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, UK, X

It’s a horror parody and it’s British. How could this go wrong?

Because, there’s zero empathy for any character in the movie. And the jokes aren’t funny at all.

However, as a rental for 99 cent, it’s worth its money.

It’s the kind of movie you’d wish to see at a¬†Fantastic Film Festival surrounded by geeks and horror freaks cheering for all the bad acting, crappy gore and silly special effects on screen!

Two (criminal) brothers. One (ex) girlfriend. A trip to the Ardennes. Gore. Violence. Murder. Some thrilling moments. And a weird soundtrack combining hard core techno, trance classics and cool instrumental electronically sounds.

It didn’t do it for me. At all. But watch it anyhow. You may like it. And be surprised by the end.



The humor is less present, the drama takes over.

The main Piper story line becomes obsolete as the other story lines become more intriguing.

Some episodes are near perfect. Others just ramble along.

It’s a great watch! The acting is (in general) superb. but it’s all less convincing as in the first season.

Not as eager to watch season 3 now.