Elser (13 Minutes) – *

Posted: May 23, 2016 in 2015, Drama, Germany, Historical, War, WW2, X

While leaving the centre of Munich towards Salzburg, you pass a Hilton hotel that used to be a brewery & beer hall. Nothing special, you’d think, apart from the fact that back in the thirties some guy (Elser) planted a bomb there hoping it would kill Adolf Hitler (who was giving a speech there). It went off 13 minutes too late (hence the English title) and killed/wounded innocent people working at the beer hall.

Nobody seems to know this story.

And that’s why Oliver Hirschbiegel (director of the excellent Experiment and Der Untergang) decided to tell the story of this brave man.

Well… it’s a boring story. I fell asleep after an hour and a half and can’t be bothered watching the final 20 minutes again. I’ll just read the short biography entry on wikipedia. There is no tension (the movie starts with the attack and then switches between torture/interrogation scenes and flashbacks). There is no humor at all, no captivating dialogue, no drama, no sympathy, no empathy. Nothing. It’s bland.

Maybe I’ve just seen too many movies about the nazis and those who resisted them.

It’s still a solid biopic. You can still check it out if you’re interested in the life Germans led just before the world war started.  A pretty confusing and intimidating time. Like, right now.


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