Mad Men Season 7 – ***

Posted: May 24, 2016 in 2014, 2015, Drama, TV series, USA, XXX

Sometimes it’s necessary to leave a gap between two seasons of the same show. Especially if the last season you saw was bad and the next season is the final one. There is an exciting and thrilling aspect of re-discovering characters and plot lines. It takes a few episodes to get soaked in again, but at least you’re not bored. Unless you binge watch the final season and it all gets a bit tedious by the end. Not that the creators haven’t done their best to introduce some great surprises. It just remains very Mad Men, meaning that it’s all about Don Draper and he just isn’t a compelling man. After all these years you do get to accept some of his behavior, but he’s still pretty much a dick. The show is so lucky to have other characters! This season Joan is getting a lot of interesting attention and so does Sally Draper. But now it’s over and it wasn’t a drag at all. In fact, this season makes you think about the show as a good run. So hooray to that!


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