The Nice Guys – **

Posted: May 29, 2016 in 2016, Action, Comedy, Cop Movie, Crime/Detective, USA, XX

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are quite the entertaining duo in this new take on the classic buddy cop movie. They aren’t cops. One is a very bad private investigator and the other is a messenger (who gets paid to – violently – give messages). They meet when a young adult called Amelia pays Crowe to beat up Gosling and tell him to stop following her. Soon both team up to look for Amelia again, because she has something that is so important that everyone around her ends up dead.

The story is ABSURD, but that’s not really important. You want to watch it for the atmosphere and setting (late seventies LA), the weird dialogue between the two characters (not LOL funny, but forehead frowningly funny), the cool of Crowe and the craziness of Gosling. It’s a pretty stupid flic, but the movie’s over before you know it and doesn’t bore at all.

But I’m not sure not everyone will like the little girl (Gosling’s daughter) speak profane language and get in all kinds of inappropriate situations. It only comes with one good repetitive joke (the ‘and so’ for those who have seen the movie). So not sure if that was necessary.


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