99 Homes – **

Posted: June 16, 2016 in 2014, Social Drama, USA, XX

A family is evicted from their home in Florida by a ruthless real estate guy and the cops. He swears to do anything to get back his home! So when he gets the chance to work with the guy who evicted him, he accepts the job offer and soon starts evicting other families.

The real estate crisis (in Florida) was as corrupt as it was devastating. Its reality is very present in this movie. You get to see all kinds of reactions to getting evicted and it does grab you by the throat. It’s an intriguing social drama. But to label it as a moral thriller is a bit too much. There is tension, sure, but it’s also very predictable. The Faust-like element of a good guy sealing a pact with the devil isn’t all that well developed. Nevertheless, Andrew Garfield is quite powerful in the lead role and you empathize with him from start to finish even when he’s taking the bad decisions.


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