House Of Lies : Season 1 – (*)

Posted: August 5, 2016 in 1/2, 2012, Dramedy, TV series, USA

This is probably the worst tv show I’ve ever finished a season of. It took me more than a year. And a repeat start. Just because it stars Don Cheadle and he’s awesome.

However, this time that didn’t help at all.

House Of Lies is about consultants who get paid big bucks by companies who can’t figure out themselves how to save their company from losing money or their reputation. Don Cheadle is some kind of consultant guru and he’s the head of a team including an ambitious woman and two data nerds. He works for a firm, the CEO of which wants to merge with some kind of investing group that they consulted for. He’s divorced from a former colleague and current competitor, who’s sex obsessed. They both have a transgender kid, who’s being raised by his granddad, a shrink with starting Parkinson’s disease.

The story lines are a mess. The main theme is boring. Scrupulous consultants who use deception and sex to close deals: sounds cool on paper, but it’s not. Critical of capitalism, but glorifying it at the same time. It works in movies like Wolf On Wall Street. It doesn’t here. There are some good elements, like the performance of the confident transgender kid  by Donis Leonard Jr, but all in all this whole season sucks. The two data nerds are supposed to give some comic relief, but they are just annoying. Just like every time the action freezes and some consultant term is explained. We get it, the business has some specific terminology. Explaining it doesn’t make it more attractive. And Don Cheadle’s character just isn’t interesting. There’s nothing likable about him – which is the whole point -, but there’s also nothing to like.

This show ran for five seasons!!!! Five!!!!!


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